Old News -January 18, 1955 - Its that Western Style
Paul McQuain
Models trousers
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Father of Tight Trousered Youth Threatens
Court Action to Upset High School Ban

(Leave it to those crazy people from West Virginia to start some kind of
ruckus with their tight fittin' jeans)

 The father of a 17-year – old Wheaton MD High School Junior is
threatening to go to court to attend school in close fitting Western-
style dungaree trousers.
 The student, Paul McQuain, has been out of classes since Thursday
after the principal, Elwood B. Mason, asked him to go home and
change into more conventionally cut trousers.
 Paul’s father, Okey Lee McQuain, 3504 Murdock road Kensington,
MD, said he hopes other parents who are interested in the economy
of clothing their boys in dungarees will join him in making a court
test of the school administration’s policy of banning certain types of
 But Mr. Mason insisted today that there is not a question of banning
dungarees, Khaki or cotton twill trousers, tailored as slacks, or other
conventional type cloths. A number of students attended school in
this type of attire every day, he said, with out objection.

Objection to “Bronco Type”

 “It is the so called “Western Style, bronco type of trousers that we
do not consider appropriate”. Mr. Mason said.
 J.J. Tarallo, principal of Richard Montgomery High School, Rockville,
sent a boy home this morning for the same reason. The youth
changed his pants and returned to classes.
 The western style fad among certain youngsters is narrow in the
legs, tight around the hips and short in the seat.  Buttons instead of
zippers closes some.  It is supposed to make a boy look like a
cowboy whose pants dried after coming in out of the rain.
 “One boy told us” Mr. Mason said, “he had put on his Western- style
trousers and sat in a tub of hot water to make the m shrink on him.”
Meanwhile, Paul, who came here from West Virginia last Year,
Said he was remaining out of school today, his fourth day away, from
classes, but would put on slacks and go to classes tomorrow and
Thursday because mid semester examinations are being held.
Policy Is Two Years Old

 Paul said he wore the western style trousers since the second day
of school last September.  .
The tight – fitting kind aren’t worn
more frequently in West Virginia then here, he said
 Mr. Mason said the policy was about two years old and that last
year he a William G. Pyles, Bethesda –Chevy Chase High School
principal, had verified the continuation of the policy with Forbs H.
Norris Montgomery County School superintendent.  The policy had
been established during the tenure of Mr. Norris’ predecessor, Dr.
Edwin W. Broome.
 After repeated conferences with individual boys and announcement
over the Wheaton High’s public address system that skin-tight
trousers were not acceptable, Mr. Mason said more then 50 boys were
sent home to change clothes one-day lat October.

No /economy, either

 “ It is not a matter of economy,” Mr. Mason said. “I have checked
with four leading department stores and found that Khaki or gray
cotton wash pants sell for $2.95 a pair while the western –style
ranges from $3.95 –$6.69”
 Mr. McQuain conferred with Mr. Mason and with Mr. Norris last week.
Mr. Mason said he told Mr. McQuain that the school was not barring
Paul but that Mr. McQuain was keeping his son from classes by failing
to properly attire his son.
 Mr. Mason said the policy was set about two years ago after some
girl students complained about the appearance of the skin-tight
trousers on some of the boys.

(I guess those West Virginia  boys just looked so
hot in their tight jeans, the gurlz couldn’t
concentrate on  schoolwork…)