The Great Patsey
Though Patsy Cline is considered officially a country music star, In fact her
early recordings included what would now be called Rockabilly or
rock and Roll. This is the music she preformed in the clubs in DC and
Maryland in the mid fifty's. Few photographic and no records remain of her
time in DC. The archivists are always searching.  Patsy Cline's unique style
developed in part because of her chance to preform in this area. The club
scene in Maryland / DC allowed the creative freedom needed for the unique
modern sound to be borne.
Help support the effort to develop a Patsy Cline Museum in Winchester Virginia
this woman was a genius and If we don't support this effort now the the history will be
lost for ever.  
"To commemorate the life and legend of country music star, Patsy Cline,
CELEBRATING PATSY CLINE (CPC, INC.) will preserve Patsy’s childhood home as
part of an innovative master plan calling for historical exhibits, public programs, and
interpretive tours to honor the Winchester native.  A unique blend of public programs
and activities will present Patsy Cline in her early years, when she dreamed of singing
at the Grand Ole Pry and struggled to become a Nashville star.  

In tribute to Patsy, CELEBRATING PATSY CLINE (CPC, INC.) will restore 608 Kent
Street, Patsy’s childhood home in Winchester, Virginia.  The family home will be
returned to its original appearance circa 1950, when Virginia Patterson Hensley (a.k.
a. Patsy Cline) and her family lived there.  Entrance to the home will be gained from
the Green Circle through the backyard of 608 Kent Street.  Access for the disabled
will be available from the Kent Street side of the home. Work to preserve Patsy’s
home will meet the standards set forth by the Secretary of Interior for properties listed
on the Federal Register of Historic Places and Celebrating Patsy Cline will pursue a
listing on the national register based upon the significance of her music, her talent
and her leadership role for women in Nashville, then and now.  

(CPC, INC.) and its partners envision a radiating network of on-going public programs
and events within the larger Winchester area to keep Patsy’s memory alive and
create a living tribute.  Bus, auto, and walking tours will lead visitors to significant
sites.  Concerts held in a small, casual amphitheater behind the 608 Kent Street
property will carry on Patsy’s musical legacy.  And, 608 Kent Street will become the
heart of Patsy’s story, depicting Patsy within the backdrop of Winchester through
accurate historic furnishings, multi-media soundscapes, and visual imagery.    

The second floor of 608 Kent Street will be devoted to the systematic collection of
local memories and recollections of the younger Patsy Cline.  The Patsy Cline Oral
History Project will record and archive local narratives about Patsy, and in so doing,
begin a search for memorabilia associated with Patsy and her early years.  These
oral histories and authentic objects will be archived along with those currently owned
by Celebrating Patsy Cline, Inc., and used in the development of rotating exhibits

Celebrating Patsy Cline, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit corporation,  is committed to
perpetuating the memory of Patsy Cline through the establishment of a Patsy Cline
Museum in Winchester, Virginia.

Information courtesy of the
Patsy Cline Museum